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  • Date : 10 / 04 / 2010
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Nozzle-Nozzle principles

Nozzle is actually a simple solenoid valve, when the electromagnetic coil when energized, produce suction, needle being sucked on, open the nozzle, the fuel needle through needle head and the nozzle axis of the annular gap between the high-speed exhaust, the formation of mist, which will help complete combustion.
Nozzle – Nozzle role
Gasoline direct injection engines the most sophisticated parts – Nozzle
EFI engine, as one of the key components of nozzle, it will seriously affect the work of good or bad performance of the engine. Nozzle plug will seriously affect vehicle performance. Blockage is due to coke deposition inside the engine or the fuel injectors on the fuel impurities such as blockage of the nozzle channel. Car running for some time, fuel systems will form some sediment. Sediment formation and the fuel directly related: the first is due to gasoline itself contains resin, impurities, or during storage and transportation into the dust, impurities, etc., accumulate in the vehicle fuel tank, into the tubing and other parts of the deposition of the formation of similar sludge material; secondly because of the volatile components of gasoline under certain temperature reacts to form a viscous gum and resin-like material. The viscous material in the fuel injectors, intake valves and other parts of the combustion, the sediment becomes hard coke. In addition, due to urban traffic congestion, often in low speed and idling car state, but will increase the formation and accumulation of these sediments. Great harm fuel system deposits. Sediment can clog the nozzle of the needle valve, valve hole, affecting precision electronic injection system component performance, resulting in dynamic performance degradation; sediment in the intake valve carbon deposit formation, resulting in the closure of lax, resulting in engine idle speed instability , increased fuel consumption and associated emissions deterioration; sediments in the piston top and cylinder head and other parts of the formation of hard coke, coking of the heat capacity as high thermal conductivity is poor, prone to violent earthquakes and other engine failure; There will also be reduced by three per catalytic converter life. The work of good or bad injector on each engine’s power play a fundamental role to play. As the result of poor fuel injector work not working, so that the cylinder coke serious; cylinder, piston ring wear accelerated, resulting in unstable idle speed, fuel consumption, accelerate weakness, difficulty starting and emissions exceeded, will be completely blocked nozzle serious , damage to the engine. Therefore, regular cleaning fuel injectors, for long periods of frequent cleaning or nozzle cleaning can cause a bad influence. As for the cleaning of the time, according to vehicle speed, and usually increases the quality of the fuel to determine, in general, and now most of the user is about 2 ~ 30 000 km to clean. Vehicle condition is good, good quality fuel can be extended to 4 ~ 60 000 km or so. When the nozzle slightly closed, also have some impact on vehicle condition. Sometimes such a failure: to hang a block, start the car some jitter, and other high hanging, acceleration, this phenomenon disappeared, assuming that all sensors working properly the car, valve are cleaned, the circuit is also normal , it is likely that a slight blockage of the nozzle. But the high-gear acceleration, there may be mild gum has been sprayed away (dissolved), and vehicle performance resumed. This small plug nozzle of the situation, generally do not wash. Because of minor gum can be dissolved out. Therefore, in daily driving, you should always run a high-speed running in order to reduce the possibility of coke into lines. When gasoline or poor quality of vehicles traveling a long time, if long-term non-cleaning nozzle, this block will become even more serious, causing poor engine fuel injection, injection angle and poor atomization, resulting in engine idle speed, acceleration or when the full load condition is not very good, so engine power drop, increased fuel consumption, emissions pollution to increase, or even the engine does not work. Therefore, regular inspection nozzle carefully cleaned to ensure good work.